Verge Lab

An advanced missional training and networking community designed to help you live on mission, lead redemptively and multiply disciples.

Here’s how it works: we have resourced and trained over 3 million leaders and practitioners from 100+ countries. And along the way, we have curated a large number of strategies and tactics.

  • 25-Part Master Class For Implementing The Best-Of-The-Best Disciplemaking Tools & Resources
  • Step-by-Step Process for Transitioning Small Groups to Missional Communities
  • 21-Step Checklist for Leading A Missional Culture in Your Church or Community
  • 5-Step Guide for Empowering Everyday People to Share The Gospel
  • ‘Operating System’ For Effectively Making & Multiplying Disciples
  • 8-Part Guide for Launching Missional Communities
  • Simple Method For Creating The Right Environments Where Disciplemaking Can Flourish
  • 14-Point Practical Guide for Living Missionally Without Losing Your Heart
  • 8-Part Guide for Reaching and Discipling Millennials
  • 13-Part Checklist of the Paradigms & Practices for Transitioning From Church to Reproducing Movement
  • 5-Part Practical Guide for Coaching Missional Communities and Leaders




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