IndigiTube is a platform for viewing and downloading videos and animations that share the gospel message in hundreds of different languages. This website is the result of a partnership called the 20/20 Vision. The goal of this campaign is, “To produce and distribute an indigenous evangelistic audio-visual tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Mega Peoples by the year 2020, so that all can clearly see and understand the gospel message and embrace it as their own“.

It is our desire that the Body of Christ would rise to the challenge of using effective cross-cultural evangelism tools utilizing the latest in mobile communication technologies, coupled with linguistically and culturally appropriate presentations of the gospel message. The 20/20 Vision project is an initiative to see new indigenous media produced for the remaining unreached people groups.

If you are a Christian media practitioner with a passion for bringing the Good News to the darkest parts of the world, then please consider joining this partnership. You can start by signing up to our 20/20 Vision Community website.

All of the media available on this website is under a creative commons license. Please follow the hotlink to see the full details of this copyright policy. All of our partners have agreed to allow their media to be viewed and downloaded under the above creative commons license.


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