How Many People Groups Are There?

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How many People Groups are there in the world?

Some say 24,000. Others say 16,000. Some suggest 13,000. Still others say 11,000. Which numbers are correct? Could they all be correct? The many different answers to this question often cause confusion. Different sources quote significantly different numbers. If we are commanded to make disciples of all people groups, just how many are there? But before trying to answer that, an example might help illustrate why the confusion exists. Suppose someone innocently asked … What is the largest country? What is the answer? It all depends on what is meant by “largest.” The answer is Russia if largest refers to geographic land area. The answer is China if largest refers to population. The answer is the United States if largest means financially. All are different, yet are correct answers to the same simple question. The underlying issue is definitions… what is meant by” largest?” So the core question is what is meant by the term “people group?…”


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