Global Short Film Network

Global Short Film Network (GSFN) is a part of Jesus Film Project. Our goal is to help you discover a person’s story through the theme of the films. As you listen to their story, you can share your own and connect the viewer to the person of Christ.

  • Create: We partner with filmmakers to create and select short films that have an underlying Biblical theme, such as forgiveness, success, love, etc.
  • Coach: GSFN coaches filmmakers, particularly outside North America, on how to craft stories that speak to their culture.
  • Equip: We equip you with short films and discussion questions to help you start conversations that center around Christ. As a result you can connect the film’s story with your story and with God’s story. You can download the movies, share them on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Web sites, or purchase a DVD.

Students, teachers, professionals and churches in 76 countries are using the films. Many of our films are now subtitled in 14 languages to make them easier to use.

Take a look at some of the stories of how Global Short Film Network is being used in different ways.

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